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One of the two Korean American Delegates in the MD House of Delegates looking to the future

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Mark Chang representing District 32(Anne Arundel County) is seeking re-election for the second time this year. First, Delegate Chang needs to win the primary election on July 19 against three other Democratic candidates.

Since 2015 Delegate Chang has been serving the people in his district with a down to earth approach. He says it wasn’t easy at first. Now his constituents all know how much he cares about everyone’s day-to-day lives and is always concerned about how the state government can improve citizen’s lives. He’s invited and welcomed to all parts of district 32.

On top of carrying out his duties, he is always visible at various Korean Community Events honoring his heritage. When asked about representing the Korean/Asian Community, Delegate Chang said “I have been trying to let both Asian minority communities and the mainstream communities know what’s happening in the other communities. Building an understanding of each other.” He added that “Maryland has had initiatives in the past to bring awareness to the Asian community about various policies and programs. However, there have been lackluster efforts to stimulate direct attention to that valuable information.”

Delegate Chang went on about the Koreatown Project on Rt. 40 in Ellicott City. He said “The Koreatown project not only helps the Korean community but also Asian community in general. And furthermore, the project helps the entire county by generating/boosting the economy.” The Koreatown is attracting Korean Food lovers and cultural enthusiasts into the heart of the newer town of Ellicott City where the Old Ellicott City is only a few minutes away. The Old Ellicott City holds small town charms and historical sentiments.

When it comes to proportionally balanced representation, Delegate Chang is a little concerned about the minority, especially the Korean Community. “Anne Arundel County is a bit slower in terms of adopting to cultural waves from Asia. However, even with such a huge Asian population Howard County still has not enough elected officials to speak for the Asian Communities” he says. He believes that the effort to address the issues of Asian Hate Crimes should have been able to resort into systematic changes. Instead, “There were a lot of discussions from February to March of last year. But that was it” he pointed out resentfully.

For the future of his career, he is undoubtedly focused on serving people but thinks that his options are open. He said “Want to see where life is taking me.” Serving people nationally or even internationally could be paths. Whichever way this election cycle goes he added that “Would love to see more Korean Americans get involved with representing their own community. There are so few in the political arena right now, it’s hard to get any meaningful attention.”

The Korean Immigrant Community is going through generational change and an individual like Delegate Chang is in high demand. The Early voting for the Maryland 2022 Primary election has begun. Polling place can be found at Early Voting (

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