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Gold Star Family Friend Remembers Korean War

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On July 26-27, 2022 I was privileged to attend the ceremonies to commemorate the dedication of the Korean War Memorial Remembrance Wall with my friend Marsha Ackerman, who lost her grandfather, Jack M. Ackerman, on October 20, 1950.The preview of the Memorial Wall, donated by the grateful people of the Republic of South Korea, for the Gold Star families was on July 26th. It is a beautiful monument to all Americans and KATUSAs, who sacrificed everything for freedom. It is essential for all Americans and Koreans to remember them.

Marsha Ackerman is showing a picture of her grandfather

On Tuesday evening a wonderful banquet was held. We were able to meet other Gold Star family members and many Koreans, who expressed their gratitude for American assistance, then as well as now. There were two Korean children that were a part of the program. They not only expressed gratitude to the Americans that helped Korea during the war, but in a heartwarming concern for all people, there and everywhere, they gave a very clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The public dedication of the memorial was on July 27th. It was very solemn and was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea to the United States and the Minister of Patriotic Affairs. Once again we met many wonderful people. Talking to many Korean people brought back good memories of when I lived in Anjong-ni, Korea and memories of the places I visited that were areas of some of the heaviest fighting during the war. The people told me how much Korea has developed since I left in 1986. I would love to return to the Land of the Morning Calm and see all the things that they have achieved, living in a free country, thanks to the sacrifice of so many Americans and Koreans.

I would like to specifically thank the Korean church (Saeeden Church) who was a major sponsor of these events. They really blessed my friend with their generosity, when they paid for her hotel bill. 감사합니다.

Two Children of Saeeden Church are giving thanks

하나님이 세상을 이처럼 사랑하사 독생자를 주셨으니 이는 저를 믿는 자마다 멸망치 않고 영생을 얻게 하려 하심이니라 (요 3:16).
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16 NIV)

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